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AS Number Clean up

The project

In June 2017, we began emailing LIRs that hold or sponsor AS Numbers that are not visible in the routing system, to see if these resources are in use. LIRs can either tell us that they still need the ASNs or return them to our free pool.


There are currently around 6,600 ASNs in our service region that are not being advertised in the routing system. This represents around 22% of the ~30,000 ASNs assigned by the RIPE NCC. These resources are held or sponsored by 2,682 LIRs. These out-of-date registrations affect the quality of data in the RIPE Database.

In April 2017, the RIPE community gave support to our proposal to clean up AS Numbers that are not in use. This proposal was based on feedback that we provided to the RIPE community during RIPE 73 in Madrid.

The topic was also discussed on the Address Policy Working Group mailing list.

Information for LIRs

My AS Number is not visible in the routing but it is in use

The original assignment criteria will not need to be re-evaluated. If the ASN is being used, you can keep using it.

My AS Number is not in use but I will start using it soon

You can keep the AS Number if you plan to start using it within the next three months. If you do not intend to use the resource in this time, you will need to return it. You can always request another AS Number in the future.

My AS Number is not in use, but I want to keep it reserved for the future

We will ask you to return the AS Number to the free pool for now. You can always request a new one when you need it.

My AS Number is in use, but the registration details are outdated

Most details, like the admin-c/tech-c or the contact details, can be updated directly in the RIPE Database by the maintainer of the AS Number.

Organisation names can only be updated by the RIPE NCC. We will need supporting documentation in order to make these changes. LIRs can request changes to the organisation name through the LIR Portal.

If the LIR or sponsoring LIR does not respond

If we don't hear anything within one month after we sent our first email, we will start the deregistration process. This takes three months, during which time LIR can still indicate if the AS Number is needed.

My ASN has been returned to the free pool

You can always request a new one (through a sponsoring LIR).