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IPv6 provides enough addresses to allow the Internet to continue to expand and the industry to innovate. It is not, however, directly compatible with IPv4, meaning that a device connected via IPv4 cannot communicate directly with a device connected using IPv6.


The RIPE NCC allocates and assigns IPv6 address space in the RIPE NCC service region according to:

How to get IPv6

Requesting IPv6 address space from the RIPE NCC requires a contractual agreement with the RIPE NCC.

  • To request an IPv6 allocation, you need to be a member of the RIPE NCC.
  • To request an IPv6 PI or IPv6 IXP assignment, you can also become a member of the RIPE NCC or you can request an independent assignment via a sponsoring LIR.

Smaller ISPs and End Sites can obtain IPv6 address space from their upstream provider.

Making a request for IPv6

To make your IPv6 request you should

  • Log onto the LIR Portal with your LIR Portal account and complete your request online or;

You can see the information that will be required for your request.