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Internet Governance News

This is an automatically updated list of news item and articles relating to RIPE NCC and NRO involvement in Internet governance.
The Internet Pavilion: Where Participation Makes the Difference
Bahrain Meeting Will Bring Together Internet Experts to Discuss Regional Issues

Experts from industry, government and regulators will discuss effective management of IP address space, networking and building cooperation across the Middle East

Dave Wilson Takes Seat on NRO Number Council
RIPE NCC NRO Number Council Candidates Announced
IAB Launches Mailing List to Discuss RFC Submission Process
Latest RIS Remote Route Collector Online at Sao Paulo Internet Exchange, Brazil
WSIS Reinforces the Regional Internet Registries
Latest RIS Remote Route Collectors Online at PAIX, Palo Alto, California and MSK-IX, Moscow, Russia
Call for Comments on Revised ICANN Strategic Plan
Possible Responses to the ITU-T Proposal Regarding IPv6 Address Distribution