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RIPE Community's Feedback Supplied to ITU Study Group 20

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Within the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Study Group 20 (SG20) has been looking at the Internet of Things and its applications, including smart cities and communities.

After concerns were raised by the RIRs that the ITU wasn’t an appropriate venue for the development of addressing guidelines, the Study Group accepted an offer from the RIPE community to review and provide feedback on its draft Recommendation “Reference model of IPv6 subnet addressing plan for Internet of things deployment” (Y.IPv6RefModel). Between March and July 2018, the RIPE IPv6 Working Group conducted a review of the document, which also included a discussion at RIPE 76 in May.

We have now compiled an overview of the RIPE community's comments and submitted this to SG20. For more detail, comments can be found in full in the archives of the IPv6 Working Group mailing list, and in the session on this topic at RIPE 76.