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Law Enforcement

In working pro-actively with various law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and groups, the RIPE NCC aims to create better understanding how the Internet registry system works, and what law enforcement can achieve using the public resource registration data managed by the RIPE NCC.

RIPE NCC work in this area includes:

  • Cooperating with law enforcement stakeholders to establish the RIPE Cybercrime Working Party in 2010, a forum designed to enhance cooperation between LEAs and the technical community in the RIPE NCC service region. (See the presentation [PDF] made at RIPE 60 by Wout de Natris)
  • Organising RIPE NCC Roundtable Meetings for LEAs.
  • Participating in events organised through forums such as the Council of Europe and the Internet Governance Forum.

Information for Law Enforcement

The following links are intended to provide easy access to the kinds of information often sought by LEAs.

  • RIPE NCC governance documents: These documents detail how the RIPE NCC handles specific situations that might arise with LIRs (RIPE NCC members).
  • RIPE Policy Development Process: Information on how the RIPE Policy Development Process works, and how new policies (or changes to existing policies) can be proposed.
  • RIPE Anti-Abuse Working Group: This RIPE Working Group discusses a wide range of network abuse issues, including spam, hacking and fraud. Policy proposals related to these issues may be proposed and discussed in this working group.
  • RIPE Abuse Contact Management Task Force: A group tasked with examining policy proposals around the issue of managing the abuse contact field in the RIPE Database.