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Trouble Ticket Systems BoF

The Trouble Ticket Systems BoF formed during RIPE 19 and was proposed by Stephan Biesbroeck.

Joachim Schmitz of DFN-NOC had previously made a small surevey of exist- ing public domain/commercial "Trouble Ticket" systems.

There is no common format for Trouble Tickets currently in use across Europe. Many operators follow the recommendations as specified in the document "RIPE Recommendation on Operational Contacts" (ripe-063.txt). It was agreed that a revision of this document was now needed and this was proposed as a future work item for this group.

A further work item is to promote the use of this document as it does not appear to be in wide use.

It was noted that the ripe-op mailing list was currently used for a mixture of tickets and messages. A "ticket only" mailing list maintained by the RIPE NCC was proposed.