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RIPE NCC Review and Activity Plan BoF

The RIPE NCC Review and Activity Plan BoF met during RIPE 16.

It concluded that a new Activity plan for the RIPE NCC was needed. The results of a first round of discussions during two BOF sessions at RIPE 16 identified the following elements for the new activity plan:

  • a detailed description of all technical and administrative activities currently undertaken by the NCC.
  • an important new element will be the involvement of the RIPE NCC in technical development work as defined by approved joint RIPE/RARE projects.
  • the lifetime of the Activity Plan must be clearly defined.
  • review procedures must be defined.
  • a mechanism for change control must be defined.

Mike Norris suggested that the final report should incorporate the old RIPE NCC Activity Plan (Doc ID: ripe-035).

A first draft of the activity plan was written based upon the above conclusions, and circulated to RIPE for discussion. The aim was to finalise and approve the new plan during RIPE 17.