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Here you can find a collection of statistics the RIPE NCC provides on a regular basis. You can search for statistics on a specific topic using the list of tags, or you can find a complete alphabetical list of available statistics under the "All statistics" link.

Many of the graphs presented here are dynamic and are updated on a regular basis (from daily to monthly, depending on the graph), and display the current figure in orange text at the bottom.

Statistic items tagged with atlas

RIPE Atlas Probes

Total number of connected RIPE Atlas probes

Tags: atlas
RIPE Atlas maps

We provide a variety of maps that visualise interesting measurements based on RIPE Atlas data. This map shows, for each RIPE Atlas probe, which root DNS server the probe ends up querying when they ask a particular root server.

Tags: atlas
RIPE Atlas Anchors

This graph shows the number of RIPE Atlas anchors over time. More information is available on the RIPE Atlas pages . You can also find a wealth of information and interesting results on the RIPE Atlas pages on RIPE Labs .

Tags: atlas