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RIPE NCC Celebrates its 25th Anniversary


In April 2017, the RIPE NCC celebrates 25 years as a Regional Internet Registry (RIR), providing registry and coordination services for the RIPE community. We are proud to have reached this quarter-century landmark, which in Internet industry terms is quite an achievement.

Early staff photo - RIPE NCC

The formation of the RIPE NCC came when the early members of the RIPE community realised that the Internet would not remain a small experiment for very long, and a more dedicated structure would be needed to help coordinate activities in Europe.

The opening sentence of ripe-19, "RIPE Network Coordination Centre", states: "Experience in the RIPE community, and in the Internet community at large, has shown that certain information and coordination services are needed for the proper functioning of the Internet."

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RIPE NCC 25 Years Series on RIPE Labs

We are celebrating this milestone with a series of blogs on RIPE Labs throughout the year. The first article by Rene Wilhelm (one of our longest-standing employees) takes a look at 25 Years of RIPE NCC Membership Development.

The RIPE NCC's Chief Scientist, and the very first RIPE NCC Manager, gives us an informative and entertaining look at what it was like on the very first day of the RIPE NCC.