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RIPE Atlas Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

RIPE Atlas is a RIPE NCC service that provides a measurement platform using RIPE Atlas data collected by active RIPE Atlas probes and RIPE Atlas Anchor probes around the world.

Anyone can become a RIPE Atlas Sponsor (hereafter: Sponsor) provided they agree to these Terms and Conditions. 

Article 1 - Sponsor Responsibilities

1.1 The Sponsor shall contribute to the RIPE NCC an amount as agreed with the RIPE NCC (with a minimum of EUR 1,000).

1.2 The Sponsor confirms that they have read, understood and agree to be bound to the RIPE Atlas Service Terms and Conditions. 

Article 2 - Sponsor Benefits

2.1 The RIPE NCC shall recognise the Sponsor as actively supporting and serving the Internet community by displaying the Sponsor’s logo on the RIPE Atlas website for the year the RIPE Atlas Sponsorship was concluded and by including the Sponsor’s logo in RIPE Atlas presentations at meetings and conferences.

2.2 The Sponsor may advertise their involvement and support in the RIPE Atlas development by displaying the RIPE Atlas Sponsor logo on their company or personal The RIPE NCC will provide the RIPE Atlas Sponsor logo upon request.

2.3 The RIPE NCC shall give extra credits to the Sponsor for the performance of measurements according to Article 3.3 of the RIPE Atlas Service Terms and Conditions.

3.  Term and Termination

3.1 The Sponsor agrees to the RIPE Atlas Sponsorship Terms and Conditions by confirming to agree with the Terms and Conditions via email.

3.2 The Sponsor Benefits as specified in Article 2 shall come into effect when the Sponsor:

  • Pays the invoice for the amount as agreed in accordance with Article 1.1; and
  • agrees to the Terms and Conditions as specified in Article 3.1.

3.3 Without the RIPE NCC being liable to pay damages to the Sponsor and without prejudice to the RIPE NCC’s right to claim (additional) damages from the Sponsor, the RIPE NCC reserves the right to not perform in accordance with these Terms and Conditions with immediate effect in any of the following cases: 

  1. The Sponsor does not comply with their obligations in accordance with these Terms and Conditions
  2. The Sponsor in any way acts such as to cause (or neglects to act such as to prevent) damage to the name, trademark or intellectual property rights of the RIPE NCC
  3. The Sponsor exposes the RIPE NCC or its members to liability
  4. The RIPE community or RIPE NCC members publicly complains about the Sponsor’s behaviour or publicly expresses their dissatisfaction about the fact the Sponsor is sponsoring RIPE Atlas.
  5. For reasons that are beyond the control of the RIPE NCC, the occurrence or continuation of RIPE Atlas is impossible.

4.  Liability

4.1 The RIPE NCC excludes all liability for any direct or indirect damages, including damages to the Sponsors’ business, loss of profit, damages to third parties, personal injury or damages to property, except in cases involving wilful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the RIPE NCC or its management.

4.2 The Sponsor shall indemnify the RIPE NCC against any and all third party claims filed against the RIPE NCC in relation to the Sponsors’ conduct for the performance of these Terms and Conditions.

5.  Miscellaneous

5.1 Without the RIPE NCC’s prior written consent, the Sponsor shall not be permitted to assign to third parties any rights or obligations that arise from these Terms and Conditions. 

5.2 The RIPE NCC’s intellectual property rights (agreements, documents, software, databases, website, RIPE NCC Material) may only be used, reproduced and made available to third parties upon prior written authorisation from the RIPE NCC and in case in accordance with the RIPE NCC Copyright Statement, available here:

5.3 The RIPE Atlas Sponsorship is concluded solely for the purposes as in details described in these Terms and Conditions, and no additional rights from either party may be derived therefrom.

6.  Governing Law 

6.1 These Terms and Conditions shall be exclusively governed by the laws of the Netherlands. The competent court in Amsterdam shall have exclusive jurisdiction with regard to disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions.