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Document Submission Guidelines for Executive Board Nominees

In order for you to be considered as a confirmed candidate for the election process, you must provide us by no later than two weeks before the General Meeting with the following documents:
a) a certified copy of an official identification document of yours
b) a signed statement where you declare your adherence to the Code of Conduct (CoC) for the Executive Board and that you never committed fraud or other financial misconduct in any jurisdiction.

If we do not receive these documents within the deadline communicated, you will be disqualified from the process and not be stated as a confirmed candidate. 

This page contains more detailed information about this requirement, instructions about the requested documents and how the RIPE NCC will process the documents received.

Why We Request This Information  

Article 9.1 of the RIPE NCC Articles of Association provides that,  ‘…A nomination for the appointment of a member of the Executive Board shall need the written support of at least five Members…Further, no later than two weeks before the General Meeting, the nominee shall need to submit (a) a certified copy of his/her official identification document, (b) a signed statement in which he/she declares that he/she shall adhere to the Code of Conduct for candidates for the Executive Board as adopted by the Executive Board and published on the Association’s website, and that he/she has never committed any fraud or other financial misconduct in any jurisdiction.’

This requirement stems from the legitimate interests of the RIPE NCC, as a membership association, before a nominee becomes a confirmed candidate for a position to the RIPE NCC Executive Board to (a) identify them and (b) have their confirmation that they will abide to the Code of Conduct and that they have not committed fraud or been involved in any financial misconduct. 

More background information on this is offered in the Executive Board Election Task Force Report.

The envisaged processing of the personal data involved will be therefore based on art. 6(1)(f) GDPR.

Document Guidelines

A. Certified Copy of Official Identification Document:

An official identification document may be an identity card, passport or a driving license. 

When certifying the copy of your official identification document, you may remove any national identification number mentioned therein and to indicate in the copy that: ‘This is a copy, meant for RIPE NCC and the date on which the copy was made’, prior to providing it to us.

B. Signed Statement Declaring Adherence to the CoC and No Previous Convictions 

You will have to submit a filled out and signed Candidate Statement. In this statement, you agree to adhere to the CoC and that you never committed fraud or other financial misconduct in any jurisdiction.

View the Code of Conduct.

Download the Candidate Statement [PDF].

How We Will Process Them  

A. Certified Copy of Official Identification Document

 Once you provide us with the certified copy of you official identification document, we will perform checks to verify that it confirms your identity. Upon confirmation that your identity has been verified, we will destroy the copy. This will take place within the one-week period from receiving this document and having to list the confirmed candidates for the election.

If based on the checks we perform it is detected that the certified copy of the identification document is not a genuine one, your candidacy will get rejected and you will not be stated as a confirmed candidate. We will retain the provided copy in our records for a longer period in order to be able to support our decision to disqualify you from the election process.

B. Signed Statement Declaring Adherence to the CoC and No Previous Convictions

If you are elected to become an Executive Board member, we will keep this statement in your file related to your function as an Executive Board member. If you are not elected and unless there is no other reason compelling us to do so, we will delete the statement from our records after the election process is finalised and the period to raise any objections against the draft minutes of the General Meeting has lapsed.

If, after the nominee becomes a confirmed candidate, you decide to withdraw your candidacy, we will delete the provided statement without undue delay upon receiving confirmation of the withdrawal of your candidacy.

C. Miscellaneous

We will not process these documents for any reason other than described here and only a restricted number of RIPE NCC staff will have access to them. 

If you wish to exercise your right to request from the RIPE NCC to access, rectify or erase your personal data, you may do so by sending an email to [email protected]

If you disagree with the RIPE NCC’s practices with regards to the processing of your personal data, you have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).