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BGP Webinar Recordings

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Internet Routing Registry

This webinar explains how you can use the Internet Routing Registry (IRR) and Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL) to describe routing intentions. The IRR is used as a verification mechanism for route origination and is widely deployed to prevent accidental or intentional routing disturbances.

Introduction to RPKI

This webinar provides an introduction to RPKI by discussing vulnerabilities of BGP and how RPKI helps to secure global Internet routing infrastructure. The webinar also explains the differences between hosted and delegated RPKI implementation models, and provides guidance to decide which RPKI implementation to choose.

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Deploying RPKI

This webinar covers RPKI framework in detail, it discusses how RPKI helps with routing security and explains all the steps you need to know to implement RPKI in your network. It includes several demos to reinforce theory with practice and shows RPKI implementation end-to-end.

BGP Security - IRR and Filtering

This webinar provides an introduction to BGP security and the measures to prevent routing incidents. It especially focuses on discussing one security measure, BGP Filtering.

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