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Host a Training Course

The RIPE NCC currently offers the following training courses:

      • LIR Training Course
        This course teaches LIRs how to request resources and use RIPE NCC services and tools.
      • RIPE Database Training Course
        This course will enable the participant to become a capable user of the RIPE Database.
      • Basic IPv6 Training Course
        This one-day course covers IPv6 addressing plans, subnetting, policies and best practices.
        NOTE: If you have already deployed IPv6 on your network, this course may not be appropriate for you. Please read the course outline before registering.
      • Advanced IPv6 Training Course
        This two-day IPv6 course covers IGP, BGP, security and configuration.
        NOTE: If you have already deployed IPv6 on your network, this course may not be appropriate for you. Please read the course outline before registering.
      • BGP Operation and Security Training Course
        This course offers an in-depth look into Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). It covers the basics of how it works through to advanced topics such as route reflectors, policy, filtering, route selection and the security aspect of the protocol.
      • Measurements and Tools Training Course
        The Measurements and Tools Training Course is an introductory hands-on course to RIPEstat and RIPE Atlas.
      • IPv6 Security Training Course
        This one-day course provides an overview of the most relevant IPv6 security topics. The participant will gain insight into industry best practice and gain a high-level understanding of the most pressing IPv6 security concerns today.

We also offer tailor-made workshops on request. If you are interested in this option, please contact training _at_ ripe _dot_ net for further information.


Hosting a RIPE NCC Training Course enables you to:

        • Register up to five attendees from your own organisation
        • Save on costs for travel and accommodation
        • Highlight your organisation's profile
        • Display your corporate logo on the RIPE NCC website
        • Help the RIPE NCC offer more courses to its members


To host a RIPE NCC Training Course, you will need to be able to:

        • Accommodate 20-25 people in a classroom
        • Provide facilities to hold three coffee breaks and one lunch break
        • Provide catering supplies for the coffee breaks and lunch (cutlery, plates, cups/glasses, etc.)
        • Provide a flip chart, projector, screen and board markers, and provide a high-speed Internet connection


The RIPE NCC will:

        • Announce the training course and your location to RIPE NCC members and publish details online
        • Register the attendees for the course
        • Send all the training material to your location


The RIPE NCC will pay for:

        • Catering services
        • Travel and accommodation for the RIPE NCC trainers
        • Shipping costs for the training material


Conditions of Attendance:

        • RIPE NCC Training Courses are open to RIPE NCC members only
        • Training Courses are free of charge. However, attendees must pay for their own accommodation, travel and expenses
        • A maximum of five people from your organisation can attend each course


For more information, please contact the RIPE NCC Training Department.