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RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund

The RIPE NCC has supported a range of projects and innovative ideas over its 25-year history, and we are now formalising these efforts through the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund. We know there's no shortage of brilliant minds in the Internet technical community working on groundbreaking projects, but securing funding to support these projects can be challenging.

The RIPE NCC will provide €250,000 per year to support projects of value to the operation, resilience and sustainability of the Internet, with a focus on tools and services benefiting the technical community in our service region.

The Community Projects Fund 2023

Learn more about the 2023 recipients of the Community Projects Fund. 
2023 Recipients Selection Process
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The Good of the Internet

The Community Projects Fund has supported over 25 projects working ‘for the Good of the Internet’. Read more about previous funding recipients here.


This project will enrich the functionality of ARTEMIS to evaluate and monitor the impact of a BGP prefix hijacking incident on the data plane. Data-plane monitoring will be enabled through traceroutes to affected IP prefixes. This includes developing a methodology to select the best set of RIPE Atlas probes to launch traceroutes, based on the victim AS, the hijacker AS, and the hijack type.

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Internet Health Report

The Internet Health Report leverages data collected by large measurement platforms (e.g. RIPE Atlas, RIS, and RouteViews) to automatically pinpoint connectivity issues or routing changes that may have detrimental effects on other networks. This project started from three recent research advances that permit the monitoring of AS inter-dependence, delay and forwarding anomalies, and network disconnections from traceroute and BGP data.

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Cryptech Project

The main goal of CrypTech is to create an open-source design for a hardware cryptographic engine for Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). At the same time it also provides a associated reference implementation that allows anyone to develop, deploy and audit a secure, low-cost cryptographic engine in their chosen environment. 

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Internet Atlas

The overall goal of the “Internet Atlas - Tools for Digital Literacy” project is to improve the resilience of the Internet and to create a safer Internet environment. The SHARE Foundation aims to produce tools and materials designed to inform, educate and encourage project target groups understand Internet infrastructures and their influence on digital rights.

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