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Privacy and Confidentiality Terms

In order for us to be able to evaluate your application, we need you to provide us with certain information. 

The submitted applications, together will all the information contained therein, will be shared with the Selection Committee for them to review before making any final decisions regarding Recipients.

If you are one of the Recipients, we will use the contact details you provided to:

  • Confirm that you have been selected to receive funding from the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund
  • Send you the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund Agreement
  • Communicate with you for anything related to your project (e.g. required reporting, updates etc) 
  • Process the payment of the agreed Funding amount
  • List you as a Recipient of Funding from the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund on the RIPE NCC website and social media

Whether or not you are selected as a Recipient, we might keep certain application information for a period longer than the selection process. The purpose of this is to maintain an administrative record of RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund applications and to contact you if necessary regarding your application.

For further details on how we process the personal information you provide, and instructions on how to access and change your information, please refer to the RIPE NCC Privacy Statement