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Funding Recipients 2018

The RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund opened its call for applications during RIPE 76 in Marseille. The application period was open for just over eight weeks and more than 40 applications from 20 different countries were submitted to the Selection Committee.

The RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund Selection Committee has reviewed the applications and is happy to announce that the following five projects have been selected as the 2018 recipients of the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund.

Congratulations to all our selected projects!

Aethra: Intelligent RIPE Atlas Resource Allocation

Collaboration between Columbia University, US UFMG, Brazil Lancaster University, UK

Amount received:

This project will develop methods to intelligently allocate probing budgets, by developing techniques to infer stale traceroutes at no measurement cost, identifying IP-level changes implied by BGP updates (without AS path changes), and identifying correlations between the routing of different probes and destinations.

Internet Health Report

Collaboration from IIJ Research Lab / WIDE / Waseda University

Amount received: 25k EUR
Countries: US, JP

The Internet Health Report leverages data collected by large measurement platforms (e.g. RIPE Atlas, RIS, and RouteViews) to automatically pinpoint connectivity issues or routing changes that may have detrimental effects on other networks. This project started from three recent research advances that permit the monitoring of AS inter-dependence, delay and forwarding anomalies, and network disconnections from traceroute and BGP data.

My Data Done Right

Bits of Freedom

Amount received: 21.3k EUR
Countries: NL

My Data Done Right is an online tool being developed by Bits of Freedom that gives citizens of the European Union control over their data. It is designed to be used by people with little knowledge about the topic. The tool will be available in all 28 countries and 24 languages of the European Union and will be maintained by partnering organisations. 

Open Source RPKI Certificate Authority Software

NLnet Labs

Amount received: 100k EUR
Countries: NL

NLnet Labs will create an RPKI Certificate Authority (CA) software package that allows network operators to run RPKI software on their own systems and link it to the RIR parent system in an RFC-standardised way.

A condensation-based Approach to Anonymize Network Logs

Yarmouk University

Amount received: 32k EUR

This application from Yarmouk University will develop a new anonymization technique for network data that provides stronger privacy protection, better utility preservation, and is robust against various attacks. This project will generate a prototype tool that can be further tested in real life situations and encourages sharing of network data sets.

We would like to thank everyone who showed interest in the fund.