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RIPE NCC Reporting Procedure

The RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) will investigate reports about:

  • Internet number resource registrations
    The RIPE NCC has a mandate from the RIPE community to keep an up-to-date and correct Internet number resource registry. In order to comply with this mandate, the RIPE NCC processes complaints regarding Internet number resource registrations. Complaints about Internet number resource registrations fall into different categories.

      • Violation of RIPE Policies and RIPE NCC Procedures
        RIPE Policies and RIPE NCC Procedures apply to all Internet number resources administrated by the RIPE NCC. If you want to report a RIPE Policy or RIPE NCC Procedure violation by users of Internet number resources, please select this option.
        Overview of current RIPE Policies

      • Provision of untruthful information to the RIPE NCC
        Information provided by requestors of Internet number resources must be based on correct and truthful information. If you want to report a provision of untruthful information by users of Internet number resources to the RIPE NCC, please select this option.

      • Bankruptcy, liquidation or insolvency
        Internet number resources may only be registered to existing natural or legal persons. If you want to report that such a person no longer exists, please select this option.

      • Incorrect contact information in the RIPE Database
        If you notice that some information is outdated in a RIPE Database object and have already tried to contact the relevant maintainer of the object, we can forward your report to the person responsible for maintaining the registration. We will track the report and make sure this person takes appropriate action (e.g., assisting with updating an entry in the RIPE Database).

  • Damage to the name, trademarks or intellectual property of the RIPE NCC
    If you want to report a violation of the RIPE NCC's intellectual property (e.g. copyright), please select this option. Please note that this form is not intended for damage to your own intellectual property.

This reporting procedure is not intended for:

  • Network abuse
    Reports of spam, phishing and other types of network abuse from outside the RIPE NCC network do not fall under the RIPE NCC's responsibilities as a Registry and as such will not be considered for investigation. For more information about how to report network abuse, please see How to Find Abuse Contact Information.

  • Disputes
    The Arbiters Panel can handle disputes between RIPE NCC members or with the RIPE NCC itself. For more information, please read the RIPE NCC Conflict Arbitration Procedure.

RIPE NCC Report Form

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