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Schedule an Exam

Exams can currently only be scheduled by candidates who have been selected to take part in the pilot testing round for the RIPE Database exam.

You can go ahead and schedule the exam if:

  • You have received an email confirming that you can schedule the RIPE Database exam
  • You have received a unique exam voucher code

Once you click on 'Schedule Now', you will be taken to the scheduling webpage on the exam portal. You will be asked to create an account, choose a date and time for the exam and to enter the exam voucher code. Please make sure you have the voucher code at hand. 

The name you enter while scheduling the exam should match your government-issued photo identity document, and the badge will be issued accordingly.

Important: Although it is an online exam, it takes place under the supervision of a 'live' proctor. Please note that you can only cancel or re-schedule up to 48 hours before the scheduled exam time.

Make sure to read through the Important Information page and Terms of Use before scheduling the exam! 


Schedule Now

Exam Scheduling Instructions

1. Click on the 'Schedule Now' button above. It will take you to the login page of the exam proctoring platform, PSI. Then, you can follow the instructions below.


2. Click on the 'Sign Up' button in the top right corner and follow the instructions to set up your account.

3. Complete the form with your personal details and then click on 'Submit'.

4. Once your account has been created, click on 'Search for an Exam'.

5. First, you need to select the organisation, 'RIPE NCC', then select the test 'RIPE Database Associate' from the dropdown menus.

6. Ignore the table with the exam costs. There is no cost and exams can only be taken by using a voucher issued by the RIPE NCC. 

7. Before clicking on ‘Continue’, review instructions found in ‘Important Candidate Information’.

8. You will then need to fill in your details. First, create your unique RIPE_ID_Number which is used for administrative purposes. Then, add your name, which must match your identity document. This name will be on your certificate and digital badge.

9. The language will automatically be selected as ‘English’. Then, from the dropdown menus, select country and timezone.

10. Select your preferred day and time - available dates will appear highlighted in green. 

Although it is an online exam, it takes place under the supervision of a 'live' proctor. Please note that you can only cancel or reschedule up to 48 hours before the scheduled exam time. The pop-up confirmation window allows you to return to the previous page to change the start time or continue to the next steps.

11. Check date and time and click on ‘Continue’.

12. We sent you a unique voucher code via email. Enter the voucher code in the payment section and click on ‘Apply’. This will zero the balance amount. Click on ‘Pay Now’.

13. You should now be able to view the confirmation page, with the details of your scheduled exam, and download the payment receipt.