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RIPE Database Questionnaire

If you use the RIPE Database frequently, please fill out our questionnaire to help improve the RIPE NCC Certified Professionals Database exam.

The first RIPE NCC Certified Professionals exam is on the RIPE Database. 

It is vital for us to map our content to tasks actually performed on the job, to ensure that our exams test the skills that are sought after. An initial Job Task Analysis was conducted to understand what skills RIPE Database experts need, in order to be able to do their jobs effectively. We would now like to learn from a larger group which tasks are more relevant and how frequently they are carried out. This will help us in both creating more effective online learning material and in calibrating exam questions.

If you use the RIPE Database regularly for your job, we want to understand what you need to do in your job, what is important and so on.

Fill out our short questionnaire


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