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Become a RIPE NCC Certified Professional

Want to be one of the very first RIPE NCC Certified Professionals? Want to certify your RIPE Database skills? Would you like a digital badge to display across all your digital profiles?

Who can become a RIPE NCC Certified Professional?

You can, if you pass the exam.

We are looking for motivated individuals who want to advance their careers. People who want to validate their RIPE Database skills and become a part of an elite group of Internet professionals.

As a RIPE NCC Certified Professional, you will be able to showcase your skills and expertise more effectively across your professional networks.

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Join Us in Developing the Programme!

The very first group of RIPE NCC Certified Professionals (yes, this could be you) will begin with the RIPE Database badge!

We are looking for community members who can support us in developing this new programme. To do this, we ask that you take an online, proctored exam, allow assessment professionals to examine your results and provide feedback to us on the experience. Your contribution will help us ensure that RIPE NCC Certified Professionals meets the highest standards. If you'd like to learn more about how this programme has been developed, read this RIPE Labs article.

In return, you get to contribute to a new RIPE NCC initiative as well as get our very first digital badge that you can use across your digital profiles! 

Apply and Get Certified

This is our first credentialing programme, and this is a call for participants to join the first round of test-takers. If you are part of this group, you will take part in the pilot exam.

We are now accepting applications. Take part in developing this, our very first professional credentialing programme and apply now.

We have limited spots available, and we’re closing applications on 21 July 2019!

If you enjoy giving feedback and are confident using the RIPE Database, you should apply now.

How it will Work 

  • Complete the application form on this page
  • You will get an email informing you if you are selected.

If you are selected:

  1. You will receive a link asking you to schedule the RIPE Database online exam. You will also get a voucher code for the exam.
  2. Take the RIPE Database exam at your scheduled date and time. Pay close attention to the instructions and log on to begin. Once you complete the exam, you will also get a survey.
  3. Next, our examiners will check your test and feedback. This can take six to eight weeks for the pilot test. Keep yourself busy, and keep learning! Join us for webinars or complete a course on the RIPE NCC Academy. We’ll be in touch soon.
  4. Roughly  six to eight weeks later, you will receive your results. If you are  successful, you will also receive a digital badge! Please note however, this may take a further 6 weeks.

Congratulations on becoming a RIPE NCC Certified Professional!

If you are not selected:

If you are not selected it means that we already have enough test candidates of your experience level or region. You will have to wait until we launch the programme to schedule a RIPE NCC Certified Professionals exam.

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Complete this form and become one of the first RIPE NCC Certified Professionals.

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