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How to Find Abuse Contact Information

At the RIPE NCC, we allocate blocks of IP addresses to Internet service providers (ISPs) and other organisations, but we have no involvement in how these addresses are used. We are not responsible for spamming or hacking, but we can help you find out who is.

The Abuse Contact Finder

We have a tool that can help you find exactly who you need to contact to resolve your problem. Just enter the IP address in the box below and it will give you the contact email address for the responsible party.


Reporting Abuse/Hacking/Spam

If you are successful in finding an abuse contact for the IP address, you should email them (not the RIPE NCC) to report the problem providing as much detail as possible, including the IP address responsible and the time the abuse took place. 

If you have any problems finding abuse contact details, then please contact us and we'll be happy to help.