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Page - On RIPE Labs
After the recent earthquake in Croatia we looked at RIPE Atlas and RIS data to visualise the impact a large event like this can have on the resilience of the ...
de-bogonising-new-address-blocks Policy Document
This document describes an improvement to the notification process for new blocks of address space being distributed by the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).
Presentation given by Ondřej Caletka at CSNOG 2020 online on 8 September 2020
Page - On RIPE Labs
The start of 2021 saw RIPE Atlas users encountering delays in data retrieval and an overall drop in the responsiveness of the system. Now that things are back ...
Presentation given by Emile Aben at Online EURO-IX Meeting on April 30 2020
Presentation given by Mirjam Kühne & Petrit Hasani at Web Meeting of Albanian Internet Operators, online on 21 March 2020
Presentation given by Adonis Stergiopoulos at GRNOG in Athens, Greece on 29 September 2022
Presentation given by Mirjam Kühne & Nathalie Trenaman at DKNOG 10 in Copenhagen, Denmark on 12 March 2020
We are getting ready to start allocating from 2a10::/12, a new block of IPv6 addresses. In this process we did a couple of 'pre-flight' checks to check the ...
We took an in-depth look at the evolving Internet landscape in Germany as the next in our new series of RIPE NCC Country Reports.
34 items matching your search terms