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Routing Information Service (RIS)
Mailing List
This mailing list is for discussion of RIS data and related tools, weekly reports and occasional public announcements. To post a message to the list, send an ...
RIS Commercial Use Terms and Conditions
The peering policy for the Routing Information System (RIS) along with peering information for all RRCs.
Historical List of Routing Information Service (RIS) Routing Beacons
Service Announcement
RIS data collection was partially failing. Collected RIS data from all RRCs, as available from our servers and through RIPEstat, is incomplete for this period
ripe-200 Procedural Document
ripe-200: This document discusses the Routing Information Service (RIS), a project proposed as a new activity of the RIPE NCC in the RIPE NCC activity plan for ...
ripe-353: In this paper, we look at Autonomous System Number (ASN) assignments by the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) and the number of unique ASNs seen by ...
Service Announcement
We recently experienced some delays in RIS data processing. This caused faulty results on RIPEstat, suggesting wrongly that many prefixes where no longer ...
Page - On RIPE Labs
Is the current set of the RIPE Routing Information Service (RIS) peers providing a good level of diverse data? Let's look at some measurement results.
17 items matching your search terms