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Maybe surprisingly, there is quite an overlap between the RIPE community and the hackers community. Visiting a local hackerspace has been a tradition for more ...
Does RIPE have a diversity problem? Let's do some simple measurement, and try to find out.
The weekend after the recent RIPE 65 Meeting in Amsterdam, we experienced a network outage that affected a number of services. Please find below a detailed ...
The RIPE Fellowship will fund up to five attendees from the RIPE NCC service region to participate in a RIPE Meeting.
As planning for the next World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-20) continues, proposals around New IP and challenges from COVID-19 continue to ...
Page - On RIPE Labs
With only days to go before RIPE 81, the RIPE Chair takes a look at what's happening, what's new, and what's not to be missed at our second ever virtual RIPE ...
The May General Meeting (GM) is fast approaching, and with it an Executive Board election among other important topics for members. We’re implementing a few ...
Recently, the RIPE NCC and LINX held an online discussion with around 50 people to consider the impact that our COVID-19 era “remote only” approach to events ...
In this article, we explain why we have moved away from Zoom for the upcoming RIPE 81 and RIPE NCC General Meeting in favour of a more RIPE-friendly platform: ...
Page - On RIPE Labs
RIPE 81 was a fun, engaging, busy, highly-interactive, content-packed event attended by an enthusiastic gathering of attendees from across the community. ...
20 items matching your search terms