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The RIPE NCC often receives inquiries from people dealing with a network abuse case, such as spamming, hacking or phishing. The RIPE NCC is not responsible for ...
ripe-658: Sources of Abuse Contact Information for Abuse Handlers
ripe-409 Best Common Practice
ripe-409: This document outlines best practices for minimising email abuse.
Minutes from the Anti-Abuse Working Group session at RIPE 73 in Madrid.
Minutes of the RIPE Anti-Abuse Working Group
The Anti-Abuse Working Group aims to tackle online abuse from both the technical and non-technical angles
Draft minutes from the Anti-Abuse Working Group at RIPE 75
2017-02 Policy Proposal
2017-02: Regular abuse-c Validation
Minutes from the Anti-Abuse Working Group at RIPE 72 in Copenhagen.
Anti-Abuse Working Group mailing list archives.
16 items matching your search terms