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Welcoming LUNOG to the NOG Family

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LUNOG is a collaborative initiative that brings together IT professionals to share information and ideas about network operations, engineering and security. Through the free exchange of knowledge amongst its members, LUNOG aims to improve the quality and agility of network operations in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

Staff from the RIPE NCC went to Luxembourg to contribute their expertise to the local community. Mirjam Kühne, Senior Community Builder at the RIPE NCC, gave a presentation on IPv6 status and deployment in Luxembourg while Massimiliano Stucchi, IPv6 Programme Manager, advised on how to secure the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) with filters based on the Internet Routing Registry (IRR) and Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI).

We are very pleased to welcome LUNOG to the growing number of network operator groups in our service region. We are always happy to support existing and future NOGs that establish themselves in our region. We believe that these efforts bring great value for the Internet community, as they help the community in each country to develop in its own way while at the same time bringing a more regional or global viewpoint that can inform that local community.

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