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Update on the RIPE NCC Survey 2013

survey budget activity plan

Over 3,000 people from 114 countries participated, including from 75 of the 76 countries in our service region. This is the biggest and most diverse response to any RIPE NCC survey since its formation. This gives the RIPE NCC a vast amount of feedback it can use to improve its services and develop its strategy for the years ahead.

The questions in the survey come mainly from the concerns and issues raised in focus group meetings and interviews carried out by independent consultants with RIPE NCC members and other interested parties.

The OII has sent the raw survey data to the RIPE NCC, removing all identifying information. All the raw statistical data and open comments will be included in the main survey report, which will be shared by the OII in the coming weeks. A report on the focus groups and interviews written by the independent consultants will also be included with the survey report.

The RIPE NCC is currently using the survey data to develop the Draft RIPE NCC Activity Plan and Budget 2014. This document outlines all the activities the RIPE NCC proposes to undertake in 2014, along with their associated costs. It will be published and announced to the membership in September.

Members will be asked to give feedback on the Draft Activity Plan and Budget via the members-discuss mailing list. The document will be further discussed at the RIPE NCC General Meeting, which takes place on 16 October 2013. The RIPE NCC Executive Board will incorporate the feedback received into the final Activity Plan and Budget 2014, which will be finalised in December.