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Update 14 June (11:22 UTC): Reverse DNS Services Outage


As of 10:45 UTC on Thursday, 14 June 2012, all reverse DNS zones we publish and that are not on the list in the previous update are correct and reflect the state of 13:30 UTC yesterday, 13 June. If you continue to see problems after this time, please contact [email protected] with details of what responses you are getting. Please consider (negative) caching TTLs and restart your caching servers if possible.

Outage Details

We know that some zones not mentioned in the list of the previous update (20:45 UTC June 13th) were not correctly propagated to some authoritative servers after the roll-back last night. We do not know the extent of this at the present time. However we are sure that as of 10:45 UTC today all authoritative servers answer correctly with the state of 13:30 UTC 13 June for all zones but the few on the list in the previous update.

We are working hard to restore the zones listed. We are busy adding all the updates since 13:30 UTC 13 June to all zones. We will report on how this work is progressing.

We will publish a full report once we've restored all the zones and have had sufficient time to fully analyse what went wrong.

We have been working hard over the past 18 hours to resolve this problem and we apologise for the considerable inconvenience.

The zones known to be still affected are:

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