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Unifying the LIR Portal and RIPE Database User Experience

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We are pleased to announce that we have completed our integration of the LIR Portal and the RIPE Database web interface. Users will now have a seamless experience when managing their LIR and their resources, and editing objects in the RIPE Database.

In the past, the LIR Portal and RIPE Database were maintained as separate applications with their own navigation and authentication. Today the distinction between these two services is no longer as relevant as it once was. The LIR Portal, which was originally intended only for members, also now caters to other resource holders (e.g. RPKI for Legacy Resource Holders and Provider Independent End Users). Similarly, the RIPE Database offers resource management options that were previously only available in the LIR Portal.

The two navigation menus have therefore been unified into a single menu that is contextual - users will see only those items that are applicable to them.

This functionality is also available for non-LIR users with a RIPE NCC Access account that is linked to an organisation object in the RIPE Database. This will make it easier for non members to use My Resources and the RPKI Dashboard.

You can find updated documentation on our website here.

This latest update is part of our ongoing efforts to streamline the ways that our members interact with the RIPE NCC and manage their resources, as recently discussed on RIPE Labs.