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RIPE NCC’s Certification Software Awarded Five-Star Rating

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On Wednesday 27 April, 2011, German certification institute TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH(TÜViT) awarded the world's first five-star software product certificate to the RIPE NCC.

The star-rating levels of the SIG/TÜViT quality model are based on the relative position of software systems in a benchmark of hundreds of software products. A five-star rating places the system among the top 5% of these software products

RIPE NCC Chief Operations Officer Andrew de la Haye explains “We're proud that TÜViT's independent audit of our resource certification service has recognised the high level of quality embedded within the source code. Current and future users can be confident that they can entrust the RIPE NCC with running the certification service and acting as Trust Anchor."

Resource certification was launched in January 2011 as part of the RIPE NCC's ongoing aim to ensure the long-term stability of Internet routing. The digital verification provided by resource certification helps secure Internet routing by facilitating automated checking of re-source registration information in a dependable, transparent and standardised way, reducing the risk of mis-announcements of IP address prefixes.