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RIPE NCC to Reuse Referenced 16-bit ASNs

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The RIPE NCC is assigning AS Numbers (ASNs) based on the "Autonomous System (AS) Number Assignment Policies and Procedures".

In accordance with RIPE Address Policy Working Group decision, the RIPE NCC assigns 32-bit ASNs by default unless a 16-bit ASN is specifically requested.

Given the current rate of assignments, the RIPE NCC is expecting to run out of available unreferenced 16-bit ASNs in the near future.

In accordance with the decision of RIPE Working Group Chairs, the RIPE NCC will start reassigning referenced ASNs once the pool of unreferenced 16-bit ASNs has been exhausted.

The RIPE NCC will only issue not globally routed (returned or reclaimed) 16-bit ASNs.

For more details on how the RIPE NCC is reusing returned and reclaimed resources, please see the RIPE NCC procedure for Reusing Returned Internet Number Resources.