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RIPE NCC Online Services Now IPv6 Enabled

ipv6 ripe ncc news announcement

24 December 2008 - All of the RIPE NCC's major online services are now accessible via IPv6. These services include the web servers, FTP servers, DNS, the LIR Portal and mail system as well as the RIPE Database and all of the RIPE NCC's Information Services - Test Traffic Measurement (TTM) service, the Routing Information Service (RIS), DNS Monitoring (DNSMON) service and Hostcount.

The RIPE NCC gradually enabled IPv6 for these services over the course of the last few years. Now the two remaining services, LIR Portal and RIS, are also enabled, the RIPE NCC's entire service portfolio can be accessed using IPv6 as well as IPv4.

This successfully completes the plan announced by the RIPE NCC at the RIPE 56 Meeting, held in Berlin in May, 2008 to enable IPv6-only users access all the services offered by the RIPE NCC.