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RIPE NCC Launches the RIPE Database Training Course

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In the RIPE Database Training Course, experts from the RIPE NCC will deliver practical, hands-on training to RIPE NCC members in all aspects of RIPE Database use. This monthly course will cover such areas as:

- Finding information in the RIPE Database
- Creating, updating and protecting objects in the RIPE Database
- Reverse delegation in the RIPE Database
- Using RIPEstat to get more from the RIPE Database

Attendees will be able to gain experience using the database and practice their skills through a series of interactive demonstrations and exercises. The course is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced database users. Trainers will cover all the basics and show a range of useful tips that can help RIPE NCC members in their daily operations.

The first RIPE Database Training Courses will take place in Leeds from 7-8 April. These courses are already fully subscribed, but you can register for upcoming courses via the LIR Portal. The RIPE NCC's regular email updates on RIPE Training Courses will contain information on the new course.