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RIPE NCC Launches New 'IPv6 in the RIPE Database' Webinar

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The IPv6 in the RIPE Database webinar is available to RIPE NCC members and covers how to obtain an IPv6 allocation and how to register IPv6-related data in the RIPE Database. The goals of the webinar include:

  • Understanding how IPv6 addresses are distributed
  • Understanding IPv6 allocation and assignment policies
  • Registering IPv6-related data in the RIPE Database (assignments, reverse DNS and route6 objects)

The first IPv6 in the RIPE Database webinar is available 29 May. The complete schedule and registration, along with information about suggested prerequisites, is available online. Each webinar is limited to 20 participants.

RIPE NCC Webinars are one-hour, live, interactive presentations that allow RIPE NCC members to see demonstrations and have their individual questions answered by RIPE NCC trainers. The webinars are offered as part of the RIPE NCC's E-Learning Centre.

For questions about RIPE NCC Webinars, please contact [email protected].