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RIPE NCC Joins Council of Europe Partnership

On 6 February, 2020, the RIPE NCC joined a partnership with the Council of Europe to develop recommendations for its member states on the development, use and regulation of digital technologies. The Council of Europe’s mission is to promote human rights, democracy and the rule of law online.
The RIPE NCC has worked with the Council of Europe for a number of years as a source of technical expertise, and was invited to officially join the partnership along with a number of other Internet organisations and private companies including Deutsche Telekom, Apple, ETNO, GSMA, Google, Cloudflare, IEEE, Telefonica, Facebook, Microsoft and others. 
At the signing ceremony that took place at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, Athina Fragkouli, RIPE NCC Chief Legal Officer, exchanged the letter of cooperation on behalf of the RIPE NCC with Council of Europe Deputy Secretary General Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni.
As part of the partnership, the RIPE NCC will be able to attend Council of Europe meetings that focus on a number of topics, from AI to cybersecurity to data protection, in order to represent the perspective of the technical community in Europe and to offer its technical expertise in these discussions.
You can learn more about the partnership from this RIPE 78 presentation, and can learn more about the specifics of the letter here. Details about all of our formal partnerships with external organisations is also available on our website.

Chief Legal Officer Athina Fragkouli exchanges letters on behalf of the RIPE NCC with Council of Europe Deputy Secretary General Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni during a ceremony in Strasbourg on 6 February, 2020.