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RIPE NCC General Meeting May 2017: Voting Report

ripe ncc general meeting news

1,381 members registered to vote, and 1,070 members cast their ballots.

A full voting report, including the third party report from BigPulse, is now available.

The following candidates were elected to the RIPE NCC Executive Board:

  • Maria Häll
  • Christian Kaufmann
  • Salam Yamout


The following resolutions were approved by the membership:

Resolution 1:

"The General Meeting adopts the RIPE NCC Financial Report 2016."

Resolution 2:

"The General Meeting discharges the Executive Board with regard to its actions as they appear from the Annual Report 2016."

Resolution 3:

"The General Meeting adopts the RIPE NCC Charging Scheme 2018."

If you have any questions about the GM or the voting, please contact the meeting organisers.