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RIPE NCC Certified Professionals: Exam Platform Transition

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We will be temporarily pausing the RIPE NCC Certified Professionals exams platform as we transition to make some much needed improvements and transition to a new platform. Those who have already scheduled an exam will still be able to take their exams until the end of March, but new exams cannot be scheduled until after the transition is complete. It will also not be possible to claim vouchers during this transition.

Since the introduction of the Certified Professionals programme in 2019, we have issued over 2,000 badges across four topics - RIPE Database, IPv6, IPv6 security and BGP and routing security. We have been able to improve our courses and exams over time thanks to the great feedback we have received throughout the community. While we have received high ratings for exam quality, many test-takers struggle with the user experience while taking the live proctored exam and the level of service offered by our third-party provider. 

Instead of our current model which requires users to schedule ahead for a live proctoring session, we will be switching over to an on-demand exam option that is recorded and reviewed later to ensure test-taking standards are met. This means you only need to register for the exam when you are ready and after you have done so you can take it immediately. 

You can view our planned activities in the Quarterly Planning webpages