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RIPE NCC Billing and Finance Update

ripe ncc billing news

Redistribution of Surplus 2017
At the RIPE NCC General Meeting October 2017, the membership approved the redistribution of the excess contribution paid in 2017. The amount to be redistributed per member will be calculated at the end of December 2017. This will be marked as a discount on your invoice for 2018.

Billing 2018
The Billing Procedure and Fee Schedule 2018 is now online. In early January 2018, RIPE NCC Members will receive an annual account statement for each LIR account they hold. This statement will provide an overview of the total fee due in 2018 including the redistribution of surplus 2017 marked as a discount.

Charges for Assignments and Registrations
You can now view a specification of the independent Internet number resource assignments and legacy Internet resource registrations that are charged for 2018. These details are available through the LIR Portal and will be made available to the billing contacts of the LIR.