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RIPE NCC Annual Report 2019 and RIPE NCC Financial Report 2019 Published

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The RIPE NCC Annual Report 2019 documents the activities of the RIPE NCC throughout the year. The RIPE NCC Financial Report 2019 accounts for the financial activities of the RIPE NCC during the same period.

Some of the highlights in the Annual Report include:

  • Detailed statistics on the RIPE NCC's allocation and assignment of Internet number resources
  • Statistics and infographics on IPv4, IPv6 and ASN transfers
  • Maps and statistics showing our engagement across our service region throughout 2019

The Annual Report is only available online. It can be downloaded for those who wish to print it.

Both reports are supporting documents for the RIPE NCC General Meeting, which takes place from 13-15 May 2020. 

The RIPE NCC Executive Board encourages all members to register for the GM and exercise their voting rights at the meeting.