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RIPE NCC and ARISPA Sign Memorandum of Understanding

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The RIPE NCC and the Arab Regional ISPs & DSPs Association (ARISPA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Beirut on 26 January 2017.

The MoU formalises the existing relationship between the RIPE NCC and ARISPA, a non-profit organisation whose members include Arab Internet and data service providers.

“Many of ARISPA's members are also members of the RIPE NCC, and we've benefitted from a close working relationship for some time already,” said Feras Bakkour, ARISPA Secretary General. “This partnership will help bring our communities even closer together.”

ARISPA MoU signing.jpg

Feras Bakkour of ARISPA and Paul Rendek of the RIPE NCC signed an MoU to enhance cooperation between the two organisations

The MoU focuses on capacity building to support the development of the Arab Internet community through training courses, meetings and IPv6 Roadshows, a joint initiative between the Middle East Network Operators Group (MENOG) and the RIPE NCC that provides IPv6 training for governments and enterprise network operators. It also highlights the promotion of RIPE Atlas, the RIPE NCC's global Internet measurement platform, to provide more Internet analytical tools and data for local, regional and global Internet communities.

“The RIPE NCC is pleased to contribute to the development of the Internet in the Arab region by supporting ARISPA and its members,” said Paul Rendek, Director of External Relations at the RIPE NCC. “The RIPE and ARISPA communities have a lot of knowledge to share, and the RIPE NCC will continue supporting the Arab region with technical expertise on a range of Internet-related matters.”

This MoU is the latest formalised agreement for greater cooperation between the RIPE NCC and one of the many external organisations we work with, including governments, regulators, technical bodies, industry groups, law enforcement agencies, academic institutions and others. You can learn more about our external engagement with these parties in this RIPE Labs article, or see a list of the different agreements and memberships we have with external parties.