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RIPE NCC Activity Plan and Budget 2013

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We are pleased to announce that the RIPE NCC's Activity Plan and Budget for 2013 is now available online. This definitive document has been approved by the RIPE NCC Executive Board with input from the RIPE community, and outlines the work we will undertake in the coming year.

Changes have been made since the draft Activity Plan was introduced prior to the last RIPE NCC General Meeting. Some things to note in the final document:

  • Reference to DAUs and other service references have been removed, as they are now required to become members under the new Charging Scheme
  • All activities have been updated to reflect their latest status in detail
  • The service descriptions for NRTM and the RIPE Database Proxy Service have changed
  • The Technical Emergency hotline has been added
  • RIPE Days have been removed from Regional Meetings
  • Some sections, like the introduction and the Member Survey section have been updated, and a new section for Unforeseen Activities has been added
  • Income has been recalculated based on latest estimates
  • Expenses have been finalised, with a slight increase of 170 kEUR

Read the RIPE NCC Activity Plan and Budget 2013.