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RIPE Database CRYPT-PW Deprecation Project

ripe database news announcement

27 February 2007 - As agreed at the RIPE 53 Database Working Group session, the use of CRYPT-PW authentication method for MAINTAINER object passwords is no longer available and has been removed from the RIPE Database. In addition all CRYPT-PW auth: lines have been removed from existing MAINTAINER objects.

All users affected by this change have been notified by separate e-mail sent to each MAINTAINER object contact e-mail address.

If your MAINTAINER object used the CRYPT-PW authentication only, it has been locked by replacing the passwords with a randomly generated MD5-PW password. If your maintainer object used an authentication method other than CRYPT-PW, only the CRYPT-PW auth: lines have been removed.

It is still possible to query all of your objects.

We have provided a web form for you to enter your MAINTAINER name and the old CRYPT-PW cleartext password. This will unlock your MAINTAINER object by replacing the randomly generated password with an MD5-PW encrypted version of your original cleartext password.

If your MAINTAINER object previously used CRYPT-PW with other forms of authentication, you can still use this script to add a new MD5-PW to replace the deleted CRYPT-PW. In either case, you will continue to have access to your MAINTAINER object with the same cleartext password.

The form is available at: