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RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund 2017 - Recipients Announced

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The RIPE NCC Community Projects Fundlaunched on 22 October 2017 during RIPE 75 in Dubai. The fund provides EUR 250,000 per year to support projects of value to the operation and resilience of the Internet, with a focus on tools and services benefitting the technical community in our service region. The application period was open for just over a month and more than 70 applications from 30 different countries were submitted to the selection committee.

The RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund Selection Committee has reviewed the applications and is happy to announce that the following seven projects have been awarded funding for 2017:


  • ARTEMIS (Automatic and Real-Time dEtection and MItigation System)
  • Internet Atlas - Tools for Digital Literacy
  • iSEND (Lightweight IPv6 SEcure Neighbor Discovery Implementation for Android Platform)
  • Let’s Connect!
  • OpenBGPD
  • Tajikistan K-Root DNS Mirror
  • The Cryptech Project

Read more about the selected projects

Due to an administrative error on the part of the RIPE NCC regarding the closing time of the application period, a small number of projects were not considered in the Selection Committee’s initial assessment. Upon being made aware of this error, a process was initiated to consider these projects. This process identified an additional funding recipient, and the RIPE NCC has decided to provide an additional EUR 45,000 of unused funds from its 2017 "Good of the Internet" budget. This process was closely coordinated between the selection committee, RIPE NCC staff and the RIPE NCC Executive Board. The selection committee is pleased to stand behind all of the projects.

The RIPE NCC is proud to support these projects and we look forward to seeing them develop. We see great potential and look forward to sharing the progress reports with the community.