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Results of RIPE NCC Survey 2016

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The Oxford Internet Institute (OII) report on the results of the RIPE NCC Survey 2016 is now available.

The results of the survey will help the RIPE NCC to improve its services and shape its strategy for the years ahead.

This survey was launched at the RIPE 72 Meeting and conducted by the OII to ensure independent analysis and anonymity for respondents. 4,344 people responded to the survey from over 100 countries. This means the 2016 survey received by far the biggest number of responses to any RIPE NCC survey.

The survey was open to RIPE NCC members as well as other interested parties from the RIPE NCC service region and beyond. The RIPE NCC thanks all who participated for their feedback in what is a very important project for the RIPE NCC.