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Request for trusted party to provide secondary DNS services

dns news announcement

This page was updated on 11 August 2016 to extend the submission deadline.

Update October 2016: The deadline has expired and the RIPE NCC has chosen a provider of secondary DNS services. 

The RIPE NCC has undertaken a project to improve the resiliency of our DNS zones, especially, as many of our services depend on the correct resolution of names in

We request proposals for secondary DNS services for our main domain,, and a small number of additional zones.

We seek to engage with a reputable and trusted party to provide these services. Submissions will be evaluated based on price, infrastructural capabilities, service statistics provisioning, reputation and experience in this market, and support.

Please register your interest by emailing the RIPE NCC as soon as possible. You will then receive a fully-detailed requirement specification.

The deadline for submission of fully documented quotes is 22 August 2016.