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Proposal for Test Database Cleanup

ripe database news announcement

As described in the 'Proposal for Periodic Clean-up for the TEST RIPE Database', the test database has been reset to a default set of objects.

The next periodic clean up will take place on 6 December, 2005. In the initial state, the following objects are loaded:

mntner:         TEST-ROOT-MNT
mntner:         TEST-DBM-MNT
aut-num:        AS1
person:         Test Person
role:           TEST ROLE
organisation:   ORG-TT1-TEST
inetnum: -
inet6num:       0::/0
route6:         0::/0
as-block:       AS0 - AS65535

For generating objects you may need the password of TEST-DBM-MNT. It is written in the 'remarks:' attributes of the object itself.

Please direct all comments and suggestions to <[email protected]>

This page has been updated: 1 November 2005