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Proposal for New RIPE NCC Charging Scheme Model


In response to feedback from RIPE NCC members and the RIPE NCC Charging Scheme Task Force, the RIPE NCC Executive Board has developed a proposal for a new Charging Scheme model. In very broad terms, this model creates a simplified fee structure where the majority of members pay the same fee. The income derived from these membership fees covers the majority of the RIPE NCC's operational costs.

The proposal was created in answer to members' discussion of the current Charging Scheme model and by following, as closely as possible, the recommendations of the Charging Scheme Task Force. The purpose of publishing this proposal is to encourage RIPE NCC members to look at the proposed new model and to give their feedback.

The Executive Board will meet in early August 2012 to finalise the proposal that will be presented for a formal vote at the RIPE NCC General Meeting 2012. The Board urges RIPE NCC members to send any comments, concerns or messages of support they may have about the proposed model by the end of July.

Please send your feedback on this proposal to the members-discuss mailing list.

Questions or concerns can also be sent directly to the RIPE NCC Executive Board.