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Policy Proposal Implemented: 2012-07 "RIPE NCC Services to Legacy Internet Resource Holders"

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The RIPE NCC has implemented ripe-605 "RIPE NCC Services to Legacy Resource Holders" (previously referred to as RIPE Policy Proposal 2012-07).

The RIPE NCC is contacting legacy Internet resource holders to ask them if they would like to establish a relationship with the RIPE NCC (if one does not exist already). The goal is to have all legacy resources updated in the RIPE Registry. 

There are approximately 4,200 parent IP blocks and 740 AS Numbers held by approximately 2,500 resource holders.  

For more information, see: RIPE NCC Services to Legacy Resource Holders 

To read more about the policy, see:ripe-605 "RIPE NCC Services to Legacy Resource Holders"