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New Policy and Procedures for Reverse DNS Requests

ripe database news announcement

The RIPE NCC has implemented a number of changes in the policy and procedures for requesting reverse delegation. This follows the effort to streamline reverse DNS operations [1] and make it easier for network administrators to manipulate related domain objects.

You should be aware of the following changes:

When users want to update their reverse DNS information, they send an e-mail to <[email protected]> (formerly this mail was sent to <[email protected]>). The database update program will verify the DNS information and update the RIPE Database. The information will appear in the DNS after a short delay.

The policy constraints have been reduced. Previously only space assigned to End Users could be reverse delegated in DNS. This caused administrative burden to LIRs, as every time space was assigned, reverse DNS had to be set up for that space. Now reverse DNS can be set up for an entire allocation.

Documentation that details the new setup and authorisation can be found at:

More details on these developments is provided below.

* The reverse DNS policy as proposed in [3] is published as ripe-302.

The main change to the policy is the removal of the requirement for valid assignments.

Reverse delegations can also be requested by non LIRs if an appropriate "mnt-domains:" attribute is in place in the corresponding inetnum/inet6num object, when submitting requests to <[email protected]>.

* The <[email protected]> interface will be deprecated as of 1 July 2004.

To allow for a graceful transition, the "mnt-domains:" based authorisation mechanism has not been implemented for the <[email protected]> interface. This will continue to use reg ID
based authorisation.

The "mnt-by:" attribute will become mandatory. However, the existence of the "mnt-by:" attribute in domain objects is not enforced when the object is submitted through the <[email protected]> interface.

Please contact [email protected] if you have further questions.


[1] Original RDNS Project Proposal

[2] "mnt-domains:" Attribute Proposal

[3] Policy for Reverse Address Delegation of IPv4 and IPv6 Address
Space in the RIPE NCC Service Region

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