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Mailing Lists Migration from Mailman 2 to Mailman 3 Begins

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The RIPE NCC is starting the migration process from Mailman 2 to the Mailman 3 software suite. This upgrade will enhance the user interface and message archives for these lists. We expect to complete this work by 14 July 2024.

Previously, we successfully updated our internal mailing lists to Mailman 3 and the ASO and NRO mailing lists, containerising them in the process. This latest migration extends those improvements to these external mailing lists as well.

What will change?

Mailman 2 and Mailman 3 are entirely different products, which brings some changes in the observed behaviour.

  • The location of the email archives. The new address of the archive will be:{list-name}

  • The subscription address will be changed to {list-name}[email protected]
  • To maintain historical links to the archives, we’re planning to turn this into a static website at:

The mail delivery process for the existing subscribers will not change, so they will continue to receive emails from the lists as usual, with a potential one-time delay of up to four hours during the actual transition. The interaction with the server is also going to remain the same.